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Ride Ride Mens C-2 | Black W24
Ride Mens C-2 | Black W24
C$199.99 C$119.99
Ride Ride Mens Shadowban W24
Ride Mens Shadowban W24
C$619.99 C$371.99
Ride Ride Twinpig  W24
Ride Twinpig W24
C$549.99 C$329.99
Ride Ride Zero W24
Ride Zero W24
C$599.99 C$359.99

Ride Snowboards: Elevate Your Riding Experience

Welcome to S3 Boardshop's collection of Ride Snowboards, where innovation meets performance for your snowboarding adventures. As Canada's premier retailer of Ride products, we're excited to offer a range of high-quality snowboards designed to enhance your ride and take your snowboarding to new heights.

About Ride:

Ride is a leading brand in the snowboarding industry, known for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. With a passion for snowboarding and a dedication to pushing the limits of design and technology, Ride has been shaping the future of snowboarding since its founding. From park laps to powder runs, Ride snowboards deliver the performance, versatility, and style that riders crave.


  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Ride snowboards are engineered with cutting-edge technology and premium materials to deliver unmatched performance on the mountain. From innovative board shapes and profiles to advanced construction techniques, Ride snowboards are designed to excel in a variety of conditions and terrain types.
  • Versatile Performance: Whether you're carving up groomers, slashing through powder, or hitting big jumps in the park, Ride snowboards offer versatile performance that's tailored to your riding style and preferences. With features like responsive flex patterns, powerful edge control, and smooth turn initiation, Ride snowboards inspire confidence and progression in riders of all levels.
  • Quality Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of aggressive riding, Ride snowboards are crafted with the highest quality materials and construction methods. From durable wood cores and impact-resistant sidewalls to high-speed sintered bases and precision-crafted edges, Ride snowboards are engineered for long-lasting durability and performance season after season.
  • Iconic Designs: With a focus on style as well as substance, Ride snowboards feature iconic designs and graphics that stand out on the mountain. Whether you prefer bold and eye-catching graphics or clean and minimalist aesthetics, Ride offers a range of board designs to suit your personal taste and expression.

Join the Ride:

Experience the thrill of riding with Ride snowboards from S3 Boardshop. Explore our curated selection of Ride products and discover the perfect board for your riding style and preferences. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just getting started, Ride snowboards are the ultimate companion for your snowboarding adventures.


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