Looking for the best wakeboards Canada has to offer, shop S3boardshop for the industries finest. Ronix, Hyperlite, Phase 5, Liquid force and more. Planning to ride behind a boat on the lake? We carry a range of boards from beginner to advanced. In-stock rocker boards, continuous and 3-stage rocker as well as cambers and hybrids. We can help determine the best board for you! We consider wakeboard base; featureless, channels and v-spine. Fin style molded-in or removable. As well as edges; shape, round or variable. When pairing you with our match. When shopping Wakeboards Canada, we carry everything to get you out on the water. Wakeboard boots for the whole family, with Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s in-stock yearround. Wakeboard ropes, accessories, helmets, life jackets, competition jackets, fat sacs, boat bumpers, swimwear and more! Wakeboard Canada Hyperlite, quality goods don’t fear time. Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing provide a lifestyle like no other, whether you’re pushing your skills to achieve new heights or simply enjoying a warm day on the lake, Hyperlite Wake is devoted to delivering equipment to enhance your experience. Established in 1991, Hyperlite is the longest standing brand in wake thanks to shared passion for the wake lifestyle and commitment to innovative and quality goods. Wakeboard Canada Ronix is a company that is surrounded by perfection with products that take longer to make and are ridden harder. Starting out strapping into bungees, riding a phaser equipped, directional shape, tri-fin powered special. Through time - admired, mocked and mimicked - until eventually the market was marketed with confusion. Which leaves us here...A clean slate - and friends with similar sound. A nonventing venture of artists, engineers, riders and others as owners making riding devices collectively crafted for the imagination of wakeboarding. Our axiom will always be based on products and tales of tomorrows riding. A chance to make a point, confront the norm, and answer the questions why. Wakeboard Canada Liquid Force has become the leader in wakeboard related products and apparel. Founders Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon were two pioneers in the sport of Wakeboarding credited with creating the sport.Finn was the developer of the Skurfer which is largely regarded as the product that put wakeboarding on the map, and Redmon is regarded as the most influential and creative designer of products since the sports inception. Working together, they have helped grow Liquid Force into a world renown leader in watersports. With the additions of Wakesurfing, Wake Foiling, and Wakeskating.