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Here at S3 Boardshop we offer free shipping on all orders $100 or more in Canada (excluding Quebec), our S3 Loyalty Club allows customers to earn points on every dollar they spend, in addition we also have a zero-hassle return policy which allows all of our customers a true VIP shopping experience. Our knowledgeable staff is here to make your shopping experience seamless. We are proud to be the best Skateboard Shop Canada, specializing in all things skateboard, longboard and more. Our walls are filled with hundreds of selections to choose from decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, grip tape, tools, completes, accessories & more! With product in-stock year-round for all your skate needs. Skateboard Shop Online Canada, S3 Boardshop has everything from Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Hardware, Grip Tape, Tools, Accessories, Completes, and more. Skateboard Shop Canada, S3 Boardshop carries the industries very best, Acid, Alltimer, Almost, Ambition, Amuse society, Anti Hero, April, Arbor, Arcade, Ashbury, Baker, Birdhouse, Black Panthers, Blind, Bones, Creature, DGK, Diamond, DVS, Dwindle, Electric, Element, Emerican, Enjoi, Fairplay, Fallen, Frog, Ghost Longboards, Girl, Globe, Grind King, Grip Gum, Grizzly, GX1000, HEROIN, Hockey, Howl, HUF, Hundreds, Independent, Landyachtz, New Balance, Nike SB, Obey, OJ’s, One Ball Jay, Onewheel, ORB, Osiris, Penny, Pig, Plan B, Plenty, Polar, Powell, Primitive, Pro Tec, Rayne, Real, Red Dragon Supply, Remind, Rip N Dip, Santa Cruz, Sector 9. Shady Lady, Shake Junk, Shark Wheel, Sk8Mafia, Skate Balm, Skate Mental, Slimeball, Spitfire, Supra, Thrasher, Toy Machine, Vans, Welcome and Zero. Our newly converted indoor mini ramp turned into the ultimate Skate Shop Canada makes us the coolest shop around. Our diverse selection of products and brands is not limited to living in the Peace Country. Skateboard Shop Online Canada, at and receive free shipping on all orders online $100 or more in Canada. Excluding Quebec. We personally package every Skate Board that leaves our shop. The best part about purchasing a Skate Board from us is making your Skate Board set up 100% customized. Choose the Skate Board deck, grip tape, bearings, trucks and wheels to match your style of skateboarding and aesthetic. Skateboard Shops Canada, S3 Boardshop will even grip your board for free with any purchase of grip tape (just ask us in your purchase notes)

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