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Phase 5 Phase 5 Kong 2023
Phase 5
Phase 5 Kong 2023
C$1,514.99 C$1,229.99
Phase 5 Phase 5 Matrix Ltd 2023
Phase 5
Phase 5 Matrix Ltd 2023
C$1,549.99 C$1,159.99
Phase 5 Phase 5 Mvp 2023
Phase 5
Phase 5 Mvp 2023
C$1,334.99 C$999.99
Phase 5 Phase 5 Mvp Ltd 2023
Phase 5
Phase 5 Mvp Ltd 2023
C$1,549.99 C$1,159.99
Phase 5 Phase 5 Phantom 2023
Phase 5
Phase 5 Phantom 2023
C$1,539.99 C$1,229.99
Phase 5 Phase 5 The Doctor 2023
Phase 5
Phase 5 The Doctor 2023
C$1,464.99 C$1,149.99

Phase 5 Wakesurfs: Ride the Wake with Confidence

Welcome to S3 Boardshop's collection of Phase 5 wakesurfs, where innovation meets performance and style meets versatility. As an authorized dealer of Phase 5 wakesurfs, we're excited to offer a range of high-quality boards designed to elevate your wakesurfing experience and help you carve up the wake with confidence and style.

About Phase 5:

Phase 5 is a leading brand in the world of wakesurfing, known for its commitment to quality, performance, and innovation. With a focus on rider-driven design and engineering, Phase 5 wakesurfs are crafted using state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver unmatched performance on the water.


  • Performance-Driven Design: Phase 5 wakesurfs are engineered for maximum performance and maneuverability, allowing riders to carve, slash, and shred with precision and control.
  • Versatile Shapes: Whether you're a beginner learning the basics or an experienced rider pushing your limits, Phase 5 offers a variety of board shapes and sizes to suit your style and skill level.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of wakesurfing, Phase 5 boards are constructed using high-quality materials and reinforced for durability and longevity.
  • Stable Platforms: With stable and forgiving ride characteristics, Phase 5 wakesurfs provide riders with confidence-inspiring stability and control, even in challenging conditions.
  • Women's-Specific Designs: Phase 5 offers women's-specific wakesurf boards designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of female riders, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for all.

Join the Phase 5 Community:

Experience the thrill of wakesurfing with Phase 5 wakesurfs from S3 Boardshop. Explore our curated selection of Phase 5 boards, including the Matrix, Diamond Daniello, Hammerhead, Luv, Trident, Kong, and more, and join the Phase 5 community in embracing the spirit of innovation, performance, and style. With Phase 5, the possibilities are endless, and every ride is an opportunity to carve up the wake and make memories that last a lifetime.

Phase 5 Wakesurf Canada