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Shop Phase 5 Wakesurf Canada at S3 Boardshop. Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders in Canada $100 or more. Excluding Quebec. Ready to ship boards, surf ropes, wax mat, surf socks, accessories, swim wear and more we got everything you need to get out behind that boat and wakesurf. Look no further here at S3 Boardshop we are experts when it comes to wakesurf! Everything in-stock from very beginner boards to top tier competition wave catchers. Premium brand Phase 5 in-stock! We have a range of board levels, in different colors and prices so you have tons to choose from in-stock year round. We carry Surf style Wakesurf Boards, Skim Style Wakesurf boards, and Hybrid style wakesurf boards. Everything from high performance carbon fins to new tool-less fin systems, our boards are equipped with the most advanced fins on the market, further improving your wakesurfing experience. Single fin, twin fin, thruster, quad fin and five fin we have it all. When helping you choose a board we consider your goals, price range, performance level and riding ability.