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Girl Skateboards: Empowering Creativity, Celebrating Individuality

Welcome to S3 Boardshop's collection of Girl Skateboards, where artistry meets athleticism and community meets creativity. As a premier retailer of Girl products in Canada, we're excited to offer a diverse selection of skateboards and accessories that embody the spirit of skateboarding culture while empowering riders to express themselves and push the boundaries of what's possible on a board.

About Girl Skateboards:

Founded in 1993 by pro skateboarders Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze, Girl Skateboards quickly gained a reputation for its distinctive aesthetic and commitment to creativity and individuality. With a team of world-class riders and a roster of iconic graphics, Girl has become one of the most influential and beloved brands in skateboarding, known for its innovative designs, collaborative spirit, and unwavering dedication to supporting the skateboarding community.

Key Features:

  • Iconic Graphics: Girl Skateboards are celebrated for their iconic graphics and distinctive aesthetic, which reflect the brand's roots in skateboarding culture and its commitment to creativity and self-expression. From classic designs like the Girl logo and the OG series to collaborative projects with artists and designers from around the world, Girl boards offer a range of styles and options for riders of all ages and abilities.
  • High-Quality Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of skateboarding, Girl Skateboards feature high-quality construction and premium materials that are designed to stand up to the demands of the sport. With features like 7-ply maple construction, concave profiles, and responsive trucks, Girl boards offer superior durability, performance, and control, allowing riders to skate with confidence and style in any conditions.
  • Community and Culture: More than just a skateboard company, Girl Skateboards is a community of riders, artists, and creatives who share a passion for skateboarding, creativity, and self-expression. Through events, collaborations, and initiatives like the Crailtap skate park and the Girl Skateboards art program, Girl is dedicated to fostering creativity and connection within the skateboarding community, empowering riders to express themselves and push the boundaries of what's possible on a board.

Join the Girl Community:

Celebrate creativity and individuality with Girl Skateboards from S3 Boardshop. Explore our curated selection of Girl skateboards and accessories, and join the Girl community in embracing the spirit of skateboarding, artistry, and self-expression.